Brooks City Base

Situation: Brooks City Base is a 1,200-acre campus in San Antonio that is transforming from a closed military base into a mixed-use community. What stood for nearly 100 years is gone, and in its place are new apartments, a hospital, large employers, schools, and a thriving retail and restaurant scene. As the Brooks image evolves, its marketing, public affairs and communications strategy must stay a step ahead in order to reach people and businesses from San Antonio and around the world to inspire them to join the Brooks City Base community.


Strategy: Under new leadership and with a new vision for a true “live, work, learn, play” community, we guided Brooks City Base through a re-branding process and produced a new logo, business collateral, marketing materials and a promotional video. We also developed an aggressive paid media strategy and creative campaign that includes the organization’s first foray into television. We continue to support Brooks with a public affairs and public relations strategy, and to coordinate campus events to celebrate milestones for new organizations that establish a presence on the campus.


Impact: In the more than six years we’ve worked with Brooks City Base, members of the organization have come to see our team as an extension of their own staff and rely on our knowledge and depth of understanding of their history and vision.  We developed the marketing tools that helped position Brooks as the best place to live and work, which helped attract new businesses, including a new medical school and a trendy apartment complex. Through our marketing campaign, more people in San Antonio and beyond will get to know the new Brooks City Base and all that it has to offer.


Integrated Marketing, Public Affairs