From campaign management to community outreach and public involvement, we are adept at connecting people and government. We know how to build a broad base of support and draw from our relationships with key influencers in neighborhoods, business and government to tackle complex and contentious issues.


In a shifting media landscape, we pursue every possible source and angle to get eyeballs on our clients’ stories. We are skilled at pitching to traditional media, but also know how to leverage blogs and social media for maximum exposure. We also represent our clients at conferences and tradeshows, secure speaking engagements and organize events, meetings and grassroots outreach.


We believe in creating a competitive advantage for our clients by delivering marketing plans that are thoughtful, creative and driven by results. We embrace digital communications to achieve deeper brand engagement, compelling content and laser-focused consumer targeting.  Understanding the power of message amplification is how we make the most of any budget. We tailor marketing plans based on the consumer profile, combining advertising, social media, public relations and grassroots activations to help us deliver measurable results while creating campaigns clients love.

Crisis Management

The best defense against a PR disaster is preparation and speed. We help our clients put together plans that will ensure fast and accurate internal communication, and we make ourselves available 24-7 to advise top leaders on a timely, appropriate response. Whether it’s a media statement or a Facebook comment, we know how to neutralize negative situations before they spiral out of control, and how to keep your organization’s good name intact.