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DeBerry De-Bunks: Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Have you ever been shopping online for a dog sweater, give up because nothing is good enough for your furbaby, then log in to Facebook the next day and suddenly there are ads for adorable dog sweaters lining your Facebook home page?

What about that beautiful video made by your favorite local organization that you saw on Instagram?

And you know how your favorite blogger is always touting her favorite products on her site and all over her social?

That’s social media marketing. At its most basic, it’s utilizing the social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.) to communicate – whether paid or unpaid (organic) – with your target audiences.

Smart phones have put the digital world at our fingertips, whether through the web or a multitude of apps, including social. It’s fundamentally changed how we connect and get information. 1.37 billion people are on Facebook on a daily basis – a staggering number.

And unlike traditional marketing (TV, newspaper, radio, etc.) where ad targeting is fundamentally broad, social media marketing allows you to target down to the exact type of person that you deem is your perfect customer. For example, when promoting a post on Facebook (by paying for it to be shown to more people), you can filter your audience based on age, interests, education level, latest searches, whether they’ve already shown interest in your business, and even their zip code.

Social media marketing also includes content creation and distribution. By “content,” we just mean the words and visuals that brands put out on their social media. Smart brands are using content to directly address target interests, emotions, and their desire to make connections, whether with the brand itself through one-on-one interaction, or through their own networks by sharing information.

Who’s on social media according to Sprout Social may surprise you:

Online adults on Facebook

Age 18-29
Age 30-49
Age 50-64
Age 65+

Online adults on Instagram

Age 18-29
Age 30-49
Age 50-64
Age 65+

Online adults on Twitter

Age 18-29
Age 30-49
Age 50-64
Age 65+

Whether taking small steps toward creating content for your brand, or experimenting with audience targeting, a social media presence must be monitored and nurtured. But establishing and fostering a community isn’t enough.

The business model in social mandates paid spend in order to get your messages seen. There are no free rides in the social media pay-for-play dynamic. Fortunately, social media is highly efficient and effective at delivering content to the right people.

Social media is not just a fad. Sure, the apps we use and the sites we log in to may change over the years, but the idea that you need to reach customers exactly where they are—on mobile devices—is not going away.

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